Lieven’s Remark on Sino-US Health Edu_Lesson Plans

Hello John,

I analysed both projects and I prefer the Chinese one.Why?Creating a new school environment where we implement communication and new technologies opens a whole new area of learning  that can motivate the pupils. Learn from each other, co-operative learning gives better results than some magic with a calculator. Eating healthy may not become an arithmetical exercise, an ‘adding together’ of calories  and grams.

‘Back to everyday reality’, where children and parents have to decide every day what to eat without a calculator.Some simple rules can  help.

We often forget  the importance of  ‘timing’. ‘Eat your breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!. (Even: ‘Any breakfast is better than no breakfast!’) Skipping breakfast doesn’t help kids maintain healthy weight because they eat more calories during the day. Nutrition problems are often the result of bad timing.

Try to eat variety of food and don’t forget fitness and sport. Modern bloggers have to leave also their chair and computer… and run!

A good strategy is to combine these two project together with the preparation a real healthy   breakfast at school (see: powerpoint presentation) where children experience that good nutrition tastes often better than the usual stuff they find on the table at home.I hope this article is useful!

Many greetings 


Project Feedback from Lieven (Belgium)

 Spacial Spinning Tower on Chinese magazine reached Lieven’s hand. Magazine-1 Magazine-2 The students in Zhixin Primary School love to make the zoo animals in their classroom.Thanks for Lieven’s chenille to our students.Hopefully,we could send some “animals” to Lieven in Belgium besides the photos. *************Zoo Project Hello John, Here I send you two pictures of your magazine and me…. I found your edublog ‘etip’ on the net. Very interesting and beautiful. I worked on your photos. Can you send some of your animals to my address in Belgium? Thanks! (So I can place some animals in another position so I can transform them better for the TuxPaint program.) Thanks for all your work! Many greetings Lieven —————————– Lieven Van Parys, ICT-coordinator Vrije Basisscholen Meulebeke Moerasstraat 11 8760 Meulebeke Belgium

Virtual Zoo Project from Belgium

Zhixin Primary School students are making a virtual zoo animals with the stuff from Belgiun.As the Belgian package from Lieven, the ICT project coordinator arrived Shaoguan and John Wu as the ICT project coordinator in Shaoguan instructed Lilian’s third grade class to particiapte in. About virtual zoo project in Belgium Zhixin Primary School students are making animals with the chenille from Belgiun.

Package Project

The aim of this project is to build up an international virtual zoo with animals made of chenille (= kind of ‘soft and colourful wire’). These ‘creatures’ will be converted into rubber stamps that can be used in a very simple (but fantastic) free drawing and painting program for children: ‘Tux Paint’.
Hello John Wu,

Thank you very much for the interesting educational magazine and beautiful photo!. It arrived today. It is a beautiful page about your school.

Next week I go to the Ministry of Education. I may give a presentation about our new project (ZOO). I will show them the Magazine (and photo!). ICT and Education are placed here together in a original way.

It’s good news that my box with materials arrived. Have fun! (please take some photos during the activities) Thanks! After sending some animals back I will take several photos and place/transform them into the free program ‘Tuxpaint’ .

Thanks for all your work!

The Package from Lieven in Belgium. Zhixin students making animals.

A Letter from Belgian Palace in Brussels

Brussels, May 31 2005

Dear Mr Wu, 

I duly received your letter of May 30 in which you kindly invite Her Majesty the Queen to visit your school in the Guangdong Province during their Majesties’ State Visit to the People’s Republic of China from June 4 to June 8.
Her Majesty the Queen was pleased to learn that the collaboration between your school and the Belgian primary school of Meulebeke is such a success. She asked me to sincerely thank you for your invitation. I am sorry, however, to let you know that the programme of the State Visit has been established long in advance and that it will, unfortunately, be impossible to put another visit on their Majesties’ busy schedule.
The Queen wishes you, as well as all the students of the Zhixin Primary School, a pleasant continuation with their Belgian peers.
Sincerely yours,

Caroline Vermeulen

Secretary to the Queen    


Lieven Van Parys the Belgian ICT project educator had his project: Spacial Spinning Tower introduced into China.John Wu is his Chinese partner to promote the project.Zhixin Primary School kids are interested in such a project.As the Belgian King and Queen had a conference on digital education in the palace of Brussels on May 25. And the King Albert Second and Queen Paula would have a state visit to China in early June 2005,then John Wu sent out best wishes to Queen Paula and King Albert for their trip to China and also asked Lieven to diliver Zhixin Primary School children’s wishes.

the Innovative Teachers Forum 2005 in Stockholm. More than 60 selected projects from 29 countries of Europe, Africa and the Middle East participated this meeting.At the end of this forum the Microsoft jury gave 3 projects  the Award of ‘Leading Innovative Practice’. Spacial Spinning Tower received  one of them.g Albert and Queen Paula (May 25th,2005)     Lieven talked to Queen Paula.

At the Belgian Palace in Brussels,Lieven was invited to meet the Queen Paula for his achievement on innovative project Spacial Spinning Tower.